October 12, 2011

County Clerks to Council Training Program

We had a very small group today but I think we accomplished a lot!  They all seemed very interested in how they could communicate better with their communities.  Here is what we came up with and below is my presentation.

Web resources

  1. http://www.sccounties.org SC Assn of Counties
  2. www.naco.org National Assn of Counties
  3. www.sc.gov SC State Government Legislation
  4. http://www.municode.com/  MuniCode - Municipal Codes (County Ordinances)
  5. Just Google it!
  6. Local Media web sites (some are subscription) – be sure to check with your local library to see if they subscribe.

Using Social Media Group Exercise

1.       How to get more involved.
1.       carve out time to do it
2.       posting in several different places
3.       opening up of the organization (its just not playing on the internet)
4.       difficult to get involved when social media blocked
2.       How to make social media more effective.
1.       deal with HR/individuals when abusing social media
2.       keeping it updated
3.       reaching a different group of people
1.       hitting maybe younger people
2.       doing more random a search for information
3.       more socially active

3.       What are your next steps?
1.       need to get more involved with Facebook page
2.       do more research
3.       see what other folks are doing

October 11, 2011

The Lion's Roar - DISCUS-US History/Native Americans

If you're looking for information and resources about Native Americans, the US History in Context database that is a part of DISCUS, South Carolina's Virtual Library, is a great place to start! Watch this brief training video about how to search it.