August 31, 2006

library signs

library sign
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I just love it where there are library Friends shops, and especially when they are near the library coffee shop! This is a set of signs from the Greenville County Public Library main library in Greenville, SC.

bibliostat collect training

bibliostat collect training
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Yesterday and the day before, two training sessions for both academic and public library staff were held in Goose Creek and Greenville on the new Bibliostat Collect data collection tool. I'm very pleased that we have moved to this online statistics reporting tool and hope it will make things easier for SC libraries to report to us their annual statistics. Much thanks goes to Michael Ervin who conducted the training. If you have any questions about Bibliostat Collect, feel free to contact me.

August 28, 2006

Our first wireless network user

Too Cool! We've just added a wireless network for our patrons, and haven't even advertised it yet. I guess people now expect wifi in a lot more place so they just ask for it when they need it! I'm so pleased that someone even asked! This is great. Soon we will be promoting this to our patrons.
Dr. Aubrey Daniels Speaks

Check out my first time video blogging! This was a great presenter who talked about leadership and management. The point being is that positive reinforcement of what staff members are doing well creates an atmosphere where employees feel more empowered to do a good job and make productivity-improving suggestions.

August 25, 2006


catch people
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One of the greatest things I heard today at the SCSGIN meeting was from Tom Terez who said that it's better to catch people doing things right! He reinforced the importance of being positive with staff and the more they are praised for doing things well, the more things they will do well! I think this is important for library managers to keep in mind - some managers who go around just looking for people who are doing things wrong leads to people who do more things wrong, low morale, and low productivity. If you concentrate on the positive, overall, things will be positive in general - however, this has to come from the top... Tom's web site is

Leadership and Management

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I heard a great speaker, Dr. Aubrey Daniels, speak about leadership and management. This is one of his ppt slides. he made some very interesting points about positive reinforcement and how it gets positive responses and that positive behavior modeling on the part of the supervisor makes for a more productive workplace. People who receive mostly positive reinforcement, ie, "job well done, keep up the good work", etc., tend to do better overall. They offer more suggestions for doing things better too! This all translates to library management and that library managers need to do all of these things to have happy staff members which then translate into happy patrons! Tell your staff today what a great job they do! And, don't forget to reward good behavior at the library!

August 24, 2006


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Very cool web site - what are the implications for libraries?


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Give this neat meta search engine a try - and remember, not everything on the web is findable via Google alone...

Mobile Library

clarendon 001
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Yesterday I visited the Clarendon County Library's new Mobile LIbrary and it is a really nice one. I really liked how the door is in the middle of the vehicle. It has the capability to access the internet via satellie and at the back has a very neat lift to switch out the collection. There are more detailed photos in my SC Libraries flickr set.

August 18, 2006

1947 library requests

1947 library requests
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Isn't it interesting to see how libraries asked patrons what they want, then we take about 50 years to do it? We can't be slow about things - we need to jump into new technologies and make things happen if we want to stay vital. This was a slide from George Needham's recent presentation at the NCPLDA meeting in Asheville, NC. We also need to ask the question, Why is it that it only takes one author to write a book but 10,000 librarians to catalog it? Hmmm, something doesn't sound quite right here! :-)

myspace stats

myspace stats
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Librarians, don't overlook the power of MySpace! We need to stay ahead of the curve and learn about MySpace instead of worrying and wringing our hands about it what the media and DOPA is trying to do to thwart social networking. Get a MySpace account, learn about what it does, and talk intelligently about it - don't discount it. If you block it, you're missing out on being able to serve the millions of people who do use it...

6 big questions

6 big questions
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With Library 2.0 upon us, libraries are facing some major issues, especially if we want to keep ahead of the curve and give our patrons what they want - Stephen Abram posed these 6 questions and they really do need to be addressed in our strategic plans for the coming year.

Library Development discussion topics

discussion topics
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When both SC and NC library development staff met before the NCPLDA meeting recently, a list of discussion topics was posted on flip chart paper. This is a great way to facilitate a discussion because each participant gets some sticky dots and then you go up to the flip charts and put your dots next to the topics you're most interested in discussing. You can see from this list that LSTA, PR and Continuing Education were a few of the topics most of us were interested in. I highly recommend this technique for your next discussion session!

Library Development discussion topics 2

discussion topics
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August 14, 2006

online sexual solicitations decrease

The decreasing trend is interesting - I spoke to a 14 year old about her myspace account and she said she has it set to 'private' and only allows her friends in... She said, "What do you think I am, crazy?" Which I thought was a great response - we need to trust that the majority of teens out there in MySpace know what they are doing and can protect themselves from online predators. So much of the media focuses on the small percentage of tragedies out there that we tend to lose sight of all the interesting and good things that are taking place online for teens...

August 10, 2006


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This is a neat wiki/bloggy kind of web tool our Library Development staff have been playing with. Very cool! and very Library 2.0 - check it out!


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Very interesting stuff libraries are doing now a days - notice it's late at night even!!!

August 09, 2006

Sony Mylo

Sony Mylo
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Interesting new product from Sony...

What are the implications for libraries? More people who might want to use IM Reference???

August 08, 2006


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This is a very interesting new tool!

It blends cartography and wiki so you get tagging and much more! Find your library or add it!


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Don't forget to attend the ISBN-13 session on OPAL - August 15th from 3-4pm East Coast time!

Ohio Library Government Information Services Blog

This is a wonderful way to reach new patrons in state government! Way to go Ohio!

renegade encyclopedia

renegade encyclopedia
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i love the word renegade next to encyclopedia - check out this article - if you don't regularly read the MIT technology review, start! :-)

August 07, 2006

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling
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What could be a better use for a library program for teen photographers? This flickr group is a great opportunity for teen librarians to explore not only opportunities in the exploration of photography but also to combine it with storytelling. Give it a shot!

Librarian 2.0 Nancy Pearl shushing Siena

Nancy Pearl shushing Siena
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Ok, to be a Librarian 2.0 you've got to have the two F's - For some librarians, this is next to impossible! However, if you have the two F's, Fun and Flexibility, you can have a great career as a Librarian 2.0. Join Flickr, then join the Nancy Pearl action figure group - and post your favorite photos of Nancy around the world! Being a Librarian 2.0 represents a paradigm shift in the profession. Don't forget everything you learned in library school and on the job, just make it better. Learn everything you can about what's hot and cool on the web, start IMming, find something on YouTube to show at staff training day, get on to OPAL and attend some training sessions - get a PC gaming headset with a mic (under $20.00 at Target) so you can take advantage of free audioconferencing on Trillian. Be flexibile enough to give something new a try, and most importantly, have FUN!!!

August 04, 2006

Debbie does DDR

Debbie does DDR
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Ok, so librarians 2.0 actually do DDR - I learned that you do NOT call it, Dance Dance Revolution, but instead, just DDR, especially if you want to sound cool to Teens! Way to go Deborah!

Read Banned Books

Read Banned Books
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check it out!

library 2.0!?

library 2.0!?
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Did I say LIBRARY 2.0?!

ImaginOn - Charlotte, NC PL Technology Summit on Library 2.0

Michael Stephens
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Notes from the PLCMC Technology Summit Library 2.0

The session began with an introduction from Charles Brown, Director of the library system. The ImaginOn location is a very new facility.

Michael Stephens began by taking photos of the audience. He showed us web site, flickr, etc.

Comments, tagging, content rss, etc.

The principles of library 2.0 seeks to break down barriers: barriers librarians have places on services, barriers of place and time barriers inherent in what we do. In this user-centered…

Ok, from here out, I decided to just kind of take notes in poetry form:

Librarian 2.0

It’s about the people
Harnesses social tools of web 2.0
Wisdom of crowds

Technology is ONLY a tool
The director is blogging,
The director is blogging

Book discussion blogs
opac blog

iTues podcasting
Story times

…on my buddy list

Text a librarian from your phone
Mash it up

Web 2.0 goodness
Sexy technology


Cabinet of dead and dying technology
Am I in your Biblioblogosphere?

Find ways to give them what they want.

Lock the bookdrop?
Don’t you dare!

Don’t place a barrier between the library and the user!


Cell phone – device, texting, teens

Culture of trust – build the trust
Trust the users


LITA top trends

Cluetrain manifesto
Future of music


Offer it
Create it

Beer or iPod?

Ponder Content

Staff development
Continuing education
Make librarian 2.0 and part of this
Show the library staff the technology
Take a tech express!

Recipe wiki
Sandbox – practice

Reach young people
Right now, its their #1 tool in their lives



What are the users saying?
Listen to the users
Listen to the staff

Learn from the gamers

Nothing is perfect
It’s ok to fail
Learn from it

Tell stories

Be transparent

Have a sense of play

Second life avatar

Understand it
Don’t be afraid of it

Celebrate successful projects

Keep them coming to the library


Digital ethics
Ethical digits

Cluetrain manifesto
43 places
techsource blog ALA


Michael Casey
Gwinett County Library:


Global local



Business 2.0
Web 2.0
Life 2.0

To each other
To ourselves

Manage time
Manage knowledge

Purposeful contact change
…new users
…new technology

Horizontal Communications
Staff to staff

Community Policing


Zoho IM Chat

Need for a place to discuss troubleshooting

37signals products
ta-da list