July 28, 2009

Best Small Library Visit

Columbia, S.C. – The Director of the South Carolina State Library, David Goble, and State Library board member, Dr. B.G. Stephens, recently visited the Union County Carnegie Library to deliver a State Library Board of Trustee’s proclamation congratulating the library on receiving Library Journal’s highest recognition of excellence for a small public library in the United States. At the beginning of this year, the library received the Best Small Library in America award for 2009. Library Journal’s annual award, sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was created in 2005 to encourage and showcase the exemplary work of libraries serving populations under 25,000.

According to David Goble, “This is a huge accomplishment in difficult times which required energy, creativity, and initiative.” He also commented on the library’s leadership by stating, “The library director, Nancy Rosenwald, has superb leadership skills and her influence reaches statewide because she understands we are stronger together than we are individually.”

Dr. Stephens said that he, “was really impressed with what they’re doing.” Unfortunately, the library has had to take large budget cuts and will be reducing operating hours beginning August 3. The library is currently running a campaign seeking volunteers and monetary donations. Stephens continued to say that “the library was full of patrons. I got the impression that the library’s board is made up of exceptionally good members. I was really impressed with their enthusiasm for what the library is doing.”

South Carolina State Library
Trustee’s Proclamation

Whereas the staff of the Union Carnegie Public Library has improved services to the citizens of Union County through innovative programs;

Whereas the citizens of Union County support the Union Carnegie Public Library by dramatically increasing usage through checking out library materials and attending programs;

Whereas the Union Carnegie Public Library in South Carolina received from Library Journal the highest recognition of excellence for a small public library in the United States;

The Board of the South Carolina State Library sends its congratulations and appreciation for a job well done.

For more information about the Union County Carnegie Library, visit www.unionlibrary.org. For more information about Library Journal’s Best Small Library in America award, visit www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6630781.html.

Photo: 1st row LR: Dr. BG Stephens, David Goble, Board Chair Jennifer Alexander. 2nd Row LR: Jennifer Tazerouti, Thad Strom, Chrissy Mobley, Harriett Berry, Dr. Tom Crosby. Not pictured: Stephanie Kitchens and Ann White

July 23, 2009

Reading is more Popular than Sports and Madonna

I found this neat little tool: www.tweetvolume.com. If you type in some words you can see the popularity of them in tweetspace. I found it interesting that reading is much more popular than sports, Madonna, Cher, and even Dr. Phil!

July 13, 2009

TED Ideas Worth Sharing

I just created an account on TED. Looks very interesting and it will also help me keep up with changes in knowledge, technology, and ideas. Check it out!

Sixth Sense

Watch this whole video. At about the 6 minute mark, you will see the implications for libraries. I would like it if the device would tell me if the book is available at my local library and if it's checked in or not! Very interesting technology!

July 08, 2009

Flickr and Customer Service Lesson

Dear Flickr CEO:

I innocently violated your Terms of Service. When I started using Etsy.com to host my jewelry making hobby earlier this year, I thought it would be a cool idea to direct people from each image to my Etsy site! WOW, this was a BAD idea. I truly did NOT realize I was violating the Flickr.com Terms of Service and that my ENTIRE Flickr account would be terminated and not restored even if I would gladly delete all references to my online store on Etsy.

This goes to a larger customer service issue. When people innocently do something wrong it's generally a good thing to give them a second chance... Well, i guess that's not the case with Flickr. I asked the customer service rep if my account could be restored if I deleted all the references to my online Etsy store, and here's the response I received:


Account deleted for violation can not be restore.



Well, I guess all of the years of being a paid Flickr member and promoter, and someone who even received schwag for free from a Flickr rep to help promote Flickr, means nothing.

This is a really good example of customer service gone wrong.

I guess I'll just use Facebook for photo sharing now. Looks like more people are migrating from photosharing web sites like Flickr anyway now that Facebook is so much more popular...

Dr. Curtis Rogers,
(former Flickr user)

July 06, 2009

McDonalds to offer ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations

So, if McDonalds is planning on offering this as a service in the US, since there are more public libraries than McDonalds and since many people probably stay longer on average in the library than they do in a restaurant, wouldn't it be a great idea for libraries to plan to offer this kind of service in their parking lots???

Mind you, we're talking just one of the 30,000 or so McDonalds around the world. Nevertheless, the first "green" version of the ubiquitous US "restaurant" will offer NovaCharge ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations when it opens in Cary, North Carolina on July 14th. The idea is to recharge your plug-in Electric Vehicle while "enjoying your meal." Unfortunately, the current generation of EV batteries won't likely benefit from the 10 minutes or so it takes to gulp down a value meal. However, Mickey D's might be on to something should drivers choose to stay for the additional 2-hours of regret that follows.