July 30, 2008

Google: No Plans Yet for Blythewood, SC Site

...and I didn't know this was in the works!!!

It's now been more than a year since Google announced any new data
centers. That's a big change from 2007, when the search giant unveiled
four new data centers in six months, announcing $600 million projects
in North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Iowa.


Libraries Shine In Tough Economic Times

Check out this story on NPR! Couldn't get the URL to work correctly so click on this Google search to find the right page at NPR.org.

All Things Considered, July 29, 2008 · With the economy slowing, many Americans are doing research in the public library. Boyd County, Ky., Library Director Debbie Cosper says public-use computers are always full and people are checking out books rather than buying them.

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Poster - "Science Info on the go: Enhancing Traditional Sci-Tech Library Services w/ Mobile Devices"

very interesting - check out the image... very Library 2.0!

Bill Could Ban Facebook, MySpace At Libraries

Hmmm, isn't it interesting that this patron thinks it's more of a parental decision... what a concept! :-)

— Congress is considering a bill that would ban children from accessing social networking Web sites at library computers without parental permission.

Supporters said the goal is to prevent sexual predators from contacting children, 10TV's Tracy Townsend reported.

Sarah Davenport told 10TV News that her family uses the library often and does not agree with the ban.

"I think the role of libraries is changing, and I'm not sure that's the role of Congress to interfere in that," Davenport said. "I think it's more of a parental decision."

Davenport's daughter, Lily, has a page on Facebook and said she agrees.

"Maybe it would be better if there was a ban on inappropriate sites," Lily Davenport said.


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Library Marketing - Everyone's Job

I just came across this wonderful web page, "Marketing Our Libraries" from the library support staff web site. It has some great marketing resources and I really like the comment on the page:

Remember - Marketing Your Library is a job and function that should include training and support
for ALL STAFF of your Library. No one should come into or phone, or visit online - a Library and
NOT expect to obtain Friendly help or service from any library employee they encounter.
Marketing the VALUE of any LIBRARY is a responsibility that should NOT be fufilled by "employee job titles or job descriptions" - but should be a Responsibilty of ALL who have a stake in the survival of the Library facilities and the services & collections it offers its Community of users.


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July 14, 2008

River of Words poetry display

Click on the photo for more!

Poetry written at the Congaree National Park. Seventh grade students from The Learning Collaborative (TLC), an academic magnet program at Dent Middle School in Richland District Two (South Carolina), hiked through the park on a field study with their science teacher and English teacher. The poetry displayed was written at the park. Poetry was submitted to the River of Words contest. www.riverofwords.org. River of Words is supported by the Library of Congress Center for the Book and the SC Center for the Book at the SC State Library. www.sccenterforthebook.org.

July 11, 2008

Lee County Library Summer Reading Program

Interesting way to start a discussion with kids about chemical reactions!

Here are some reviewed children's book titles I found at http://wow.osu.edu/experiments/chemistry/childrenslit.html

1. "The Magic School Bus Gets Baked in a Cake: A Book About Kitchen Chemistry." By Linda Beech, illustrated by Ted Enik. Book adaptation of an episode of the animated TV series The Magic School Bus, based on the series by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degan. Scholastic, Inc.: New York, 1995. ISBN 0-590-22295-3.

2. "Science Project Ideas About Kitchen Chemistry." By Robert Gardner. Enslow Publishers, Inc.: Berkeley Heights, 2002. ISBN 0-7660-1706-0.

3. "Acids and Bases." By J.M. Patten. The Rourke Book Co., Inc.: Vero Beach, 1995. ISBN 1-55916-128-0.

4. "The Atoms Family." By J.M. Patten. The Rourke Book Co., Inc.: Vero Beach, 1995. ISBN 1-55916-125-6.

5. "Elements, Compunds, and Mixtures." By J.M. Patten. The Rourke Book Co., Inc.: Vero Beach, 1995. ISBN 1-55916-127-2.

6. "The Usborne Illustrated Encyclopedia: Science and Technology." Usborne Publishing: London, 1996.

7. "The Usborne Internet-Linked Library of Science: Materials." By Alastair Smith, Phillip Clarke, and Corrine Henderson. Usborne Publishing: London, 2001.

8. "The Usborne Internet-Linked Library of Science: Mixtures and Compounds." By Alastair Smith, Phillip Clarke, and Corrine Henderson. Usborne Publishing: London, 2001.

9. "Janice Van Cleave's Molecules: Mind-boggling Experiments You Can Turn Into Science Fair Projects." By Janice Van Cleave. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: New York, 1993. ISBN 0-471-55054-X.

July 03, 2008

2008 ALA Annual Conference - Chapter Relations Speakers

Lorreine Roy, Jim Rettig, Camila Alire, and Keith Fiels talk about issues and future goals of the American Library Association at the ALA Annual Conference 2008 in Anaheim. Advocacy is one of the major issues to be addressed in the coming year. What I personally would like to see is cooperation with the Ad Council to put together a national promotional and advocacy piece that would appear on television to recruit the future generation of information professionals and to advocate for the importance of libraries and information science in the information age.

Jenny and the Giant Check

American Library Association Receives $1 Million Grant from Verizon Foundation to Study How Gaming Can Be Used to Improve Problem-Solving and Literacy Skills

Unique ‘Gaming for Learning’ Project to Develop Metrics and Models for Libraries


Gaming Night at ALA Annual Conference

July 01, 2008

Annual Conference Presentations

Well, now that the conference is about over, it's time to review notes, get ready to head home, and think about things to do next. If you're interested in seeing presentation notes, remember to visit the ALA Conference Materials wiki so you can see handouts and other presentation materials.

ALA 2008

a little animoto video with my highlights of the conference