April 30, 2008

Dewey Decimal?

Dewey Decimal
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During my April poll of visitors to my blog I posed the question, Should public libraries do away with DEWEY? Not too surprisingly, 17% of respondents said YES, and 82% said NO. This was out of a total of 63 votes. So, visitors to my blog think that libraries should keep the Dewey Decimal system! I'm actually kind of surprised that so many voted to do away with Dewey as I figured more would want to keep Dewey in libraries. According to Wikipedia, the Dewey Decimal system was revised in 2004 but is it a good classification system compared to LC or others? Did you know there is a Belgian Universal Classification system, and a Nippon and Chinese classification system? Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dewey_Decimal_Classification and comment on what you think about classification systems for libraries. Is a browsing collection better for your patrons?

April 28, 2008

Ask a Librarian - Talking to SLIS students about Web 2.0

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I had a wonderful time this past Saturday at Dr. Linda Walling's SLIS class, Humanities Reference! There were some very interested students who voiced their opinions about Web 2.0 and asked lots of questions. This is one of my favorite library signage images I have seen in Flickr.

Here are all of the links we reviewed and discussed:

What is Web 2.0?
What do you already know?
How does it relate to humanities and research?

Define Web 2.0
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_2.0


o K Jane http://www.flickr.com/photos/kjane/sets/1436299/

o http://www.youtube.com/user/scstatelibrary for promotion/training
o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS28qydjfsg&feature=related OTIS library

o http://www.librarything.com/groups/librarianswholibrar

Meebo.com, Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com/), KoolIM.com, etc.
o http://www.lander.edu/library/
o http://www.infodepot.org/zUsing/AskLibIM.asp
o http://liswiki.org/wiki/Chat_reference_libraries

Text reference
o http://www.library.yale.edu/science/textmsg.html

o Search on University Library
§ Creating a Facebook application
§ Blending RSS feeds: http://www.facebook.com/pages/South-Carolina-State-Library/7093302003?ref=s

o http://www.myspace.com/gtlibrary

Blogger.com, Wordpress.com, etc.
o http://leecountypubliclibrary.blogspot.com/
o http://www.dancohen.org/
o http://lawlit.blogspot.com/
o http://www.readwriteweb.com/
o http://www.bloglines.com/
o http://tametheweb.com/
o http://librarybytes.com/
o http://librarycrunch.com/

Also there was a great article I shared titled, "Managing Social Network Tools" in ONLINE May/Jun 2008.

Fairfield Read-In 2008

K-12 students, teachers, and librarians gather together at the Old Armory in Winnsboro, South Carolina, for the 12th annual Fairfield County Read-In celebrating reading!

April 27, 2008

Ed Madden, Ray McManus, and Susan Meyers

poets discuss their prize winning books at the SC Center for the Book.

Celebrating National Poetry Month

Here's a little animoto promotional video I created for the three SC Poetry Prize winners who spoke recently at the SC Center for the Book.

April 24, 2008

Celebrating National Poetry Month

Today at the SC Center for the Book for our Speaker @ the Center series, we had three poets do some readings from their books and talk about their work. Ed Madden, Ray McManus, and Susan Meyers.

April 22, 2008

Charleston's Doorknocker Campaign

Ok, so trying to be a clever iPhoto geek, I zoomed in on the original size of the image in the previous posting in flickr and then sharpened the cropped image. This is too cool! I can now see the doorknocker reads, "Have you discovered the treasure in your neighborhood?"  Wonderful job at outreach!

Canvasing the Community

National Library Week
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I think this is a great PR/Marketing campaign. Staff members of the Otranto Regional Branch library in Charleston South Carolina actually GOT OUT of the library and took these wonderful door knob "Check Us Out" fliers to houses announcing their services. This is a great idea. I would love to see what is on the doorknocker. Imagine, librarians going outside of the library door to door to drum up business. How novel! Spread the word and get out there to let YOUR community know what you can do for them!

April 21, 2008

education.com - reading

I got an email about this web site and it looks nicely organized with some great resources about learning to read. check it out!

Learning to Read Information Center
We’re here to bring the powerful magic of books to your child. You’ll find a little theory and a lot of practice in our reading corner. Look for ideas from experts as to how to make reading part of everyday life. Find tips on recognizing the common stages in learning to read, and what to do if an obstacle gets in the way.

April 18, 2008

Library helps sponsor Architecture Month!

I just found out about a wonderful partnership the Greenville (SC) County Public library has with the AIA of Greenville! They have planned events celebrating a whole month and more of Architecture. All of these events are AT THE LIBRARY! check out their calendar and other information they list on their web site. Great idea Greenville!

Architecture 08 – Calendar



The South Carolina State Library is pleased to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual National Library Week Day in the Life of South Carolina Libraries photo contest. During the days of April 14-16, South Carolina library staff members submitted a wide range of photographs of librarians working, teaching patrons, library events, and in some cases, just having fun doing what they love. Library staff members from all types of libraries were encouraged to submit photos that captured the essence of South Carolina libraries and librarianship. Winners will also be recognized on the South Carolina State Library’s web site and during the 2008 SCLA Annual Conference in the fall in Greenville. Judging criteria was based on composition, quality, subject, lighting, creativity, and the ability to capture of the spirit of South Carolina libraries. A total of four photos were selected winners. Main categories were Best Overall, Librarians as Teachers and Trainers, Librarians as Trailblazers in New Technology, and Most Humorous. Five honorable mentions were also selected. The State Library thanks everyone who participated in the contest.

Press release with photos (PDF).

Best overall
“Quiet reading time”
Lee County Public Library
Submitted by Elizabeth Snyder-Powell
Patron Leslie reads to her son Sam in the reading area.

Librarians as Teachers and Trainers
“Office Consultation”
Clemson University
Submitted by Micki Reid
Librarian Chris Colthorpe consults with a student doing packaging science research at Clemson University's Cooper Library.

Librarians as Trailblazers in New Technology
“1431 @ RCPL”
Richland County Public Library
Submitted by Laura Bliss
RCPL is focused on bringing the library directly to users by adding a number of technologically advanced services including Playaway audio books.

Most Humorous
“Found Art”
St. Andrews Branch of the Charleston County Public Library
Submitted by Kathryn Sanders
Ms. C discovers patron-enhanced library materials. The fact that the shoes and shirt match makes it extra special.

Honorable Mention: “The Three Little Kids”
Submitted by Cynthia Bledsoe
Charleston County Public Library

Honorable Mention: “Tuesday board games night”
Submitted by Steven Schwengel
Charleston County Public Library

Honorable Mention: “Three wise monkeys”
Submitted by Cynthia Bledsoe
Charleston County Public Library
Otranto Branch Library

Honorable Mention: “Scary shushers”
Submitted by Ruth Riley
University of South Carolina School of Medicine Library

Honorable Mention: “Quality study time”
Lee County Public Library
Submitted by Brenda Brisbon

Photos are available at the NLW Day in the Life of SC Libraries Flickr group located at http://www.flickr.com/groups/nlwdayinsc2008/.

Archives of the Auswärtigen Amt pt 3

this is a continuation of the tour of the Federal Foreign Archives in Berlin. Our guide was most interesting!

April 17, 2008

Teacher Tube

Well, I'm not quite sure how much I really like TeacherTube just yet. I've heard that many school districts in South Carolina block YouTube and therefore cannot access our many educational and fun videos. So, I was told about TeacherTube and set up an account for the SC State Library and have been uploading some videos today. The upload process is quite fast which is nice but all of the advertising is bothersome. Also, in the profile section, I can't seem to figure out how to get a nice URL like YouTube offers which would be really nice. It is quite a scaled back version of YouTube yet still has some nice social networking features. I'm happy to post some of our videos to TeacherTube especially if YouTube is blocked...

TeacherTube - Reading Rooster April 16 2008

ALA 2008 State of America's Libraries Report

April 16, 2008

Kids can ‘Catch the Reading Bug’ with library’s summer program

A natural fit

Kids can ‘Catch the Reading Bug’ with library’s summer program

Keith Gedamke / The Item
From left, Cheryl Cole, Laura Windham and Elizabeth Snyder-Powell prepare lunches at the Bishopville Fire Department in an event to raise money for the Lee County Public Library’s summer reading program.

This year’s theme is “Catch the Reading Bug.”

Item Staff Writer

BISHOPVILLE – Summer reading programs are standard fare at all public libraries. Lee County Public Library’s head librarian Dawn Ellen said summer programs were in place at the library when she began working there in 1983.

While the purpose of the programs has changed little through the years, the scope of activities and the incentives provided to children have changed a great deal.

“Summer programs encourage children to read all through the year,” Ellen said. “And we reward the children with special incentives to participate.”

Children who completed the 2007 summer program were treated with a trip to Columbia’s EdVenture museum. The community support organization Friends of the Library funded the trip. Read more at The Item - South Carolina.

Archives of the Auswärtigen Amt pt 2

I am happy to announce that my poster session application got accepted for ALA in Anaheim! The title of it is "From the Dresden Codex to Scanning Robots: The 2007 German Library Study Tour". I had created a blog for our group which is available at http://germanylibtour.wordpress.com and have posted many videos and photos to it. Over the next couple of days, i'll pull out some of my favorite videos and post them to this blog. If you're coming to ALA in Anaheim, be sure to come to the poster sessions!

April 15, 2008

The State of America's Libraries

Libraries are engines of learning, literacy, and economic development

Check out the State of America's Libraries report at


Why I Love my Library Campaign

South Carolina State Library - Why I Love my Library Campaign
Do you love your library?

Just like you, thousands of people all over South Carolina use their public libraries to access the information they need to improve their lives, whether it’s to grow personally or professionally or to help their children learn and stretch their imaginations.

In honor of National Library Week April 13-19, take a moment to share how you have benefited from using the library. Your story can make a difference in funding for public libraries statewide and ensuring that every citizen has access to quality resources and information. Simply visit www.statelibrary.sc.gov, click on the logo and fill out the online form – it’s that easy!

The online form will be available from April 13-30 and is an initiative brought to you by the South Carolina State Library and the Association of Public Library Administrators with support from the Richland County Public Library.

April 14, 2008

Read-In 2008

Animoto is too cool! Here's a promo I created for our Annual Read In.

April 11, 2008

Read-In 2008

Check out the Read-In 2008 video I made. It was a wonderful morning in support of reading. Kids Who Read Succeed!

NLW - Day in the Life of SC Libraries Photo Contest 2008

Flickr: NLW - Day in the Life of SC Libraries Photo Contest 2008
About NLW - Day in the Life of SC Libraries Photo Contest 2008

During National Library Week 2008 on the days of April 14-16, South Carolina Library Staff members will take a wide range of photographs of librarians working, meeting, teaching, and doing all that librarians do in a given day. We encourage you to be creative in taking photos that capture the essence of South Carolina librarianship and are visually attractive. Winners will be recognized on the SC State Library’s web site and during the 2008 SCLA Annual Conference in the fall in Greenville.

April 10, 2008

Real Men Read

read in 2008
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Today was the Annual Read-In and these kids had some great t-shirts! Click on the photo to see more photos in Flickr.

Approximately 1200 students from South Carolina K-12 schools marched from the State Library to the State House grounds on Thursday, April 10 at 10:00 am to celebrate the importance of reading and libraries.

Sponsored by the SC Association of School Librarians (www.scasl.net) and the SC State Library (www.statelibrary.sc.gov), the festivities began with a parade down Senate Street from the State Library. A school roll call was conducted once the students were on the State House grounds. Carolinas magician, John Tudor entertained students during the Read-In then students, with their favorite books, read on the State House grounds.

“Kids Who Read Succeed” was the theme for the Read-In 2008. The event emphasizes the impact libraries and reading have on students.

April 09, 2008

Automated library machine debuts in Shenzhen China

Automated library machine debuts in Shenzhen _English_Xinhua
BEIJING, April 8 -- Locals in Shenzhen, a booming city in southern China, no longer need to visit libraries in person. Instead, they can borrow and return books from a library automation system much like banks' ATMs.

Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reports that a sample automated librarian machine, which is connected to the Shenzhen Library database and powered by Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID), began test operations on Monday in front of the new library building.

The Integrated Library Automation System (ILAS), appraised as the Promotion Project of Major Science and Technology Achievement by the Ministry of Culture, enables the automated machines to tap into Shenzhen Library's collection of 2.17 million plus books.

April 08, 2008

FLIP video camera rebate

pafa.net » Flip video camera rebate
Flip video camera rebate
Posted by: polly in Video, gadgets

Thinking about buying some of those terrific little Flip video cameras for your library? Then check out this rebate that Melissa Bergin from Niskayuna High School came across today:

If you go to Flip Video’s website there is a rebate of $15 each if you buy three or more cameras. If you go to “where to buy” at the top menu, then pull down to “educators”.

April 07, 2008


after school alliance
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Here is a photo of one of the SC State Library interns, Suzanne Shurtz, showing an attendee at the SC After School Alliance conference how to use SchoolRooms. The State Library also helped sponsor an email cafe for the conference. For more information about SchoolRooms, visit http://scsl.schoolrooms.net.

April 03, 2008

Reading Rooster Recommends April 1 2008

check out the first in a series of Reading Rooster Recommends by Helen Fellers of the USC SLIS Center for Children's Books and Literacy.

April 01, 2008

LCPL is big on the PIG

LCPL is big on the PIG
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great way to say The Pig is helping out with Summer Reading!

Cybook Gen3 e-book reader gets reviewed - Engadget

Cybook Gen3 e-book reader gets reviewed - Engadget
Bookeen's Cybook Gen3 e-book reader has been a long time coming, but now that it's out in the wild we're finally starting to get some reviews of the device, including this fairly thorough one from the folks at The Future of Things. Unfortunately for those looking forward to the reader, they found it to be quite a mixed bag. On the upside, they found the device to be thin, light, small and fast, with it also boasting solid battery life and, most importantly, a screen that's "very comfortable" to read, even outdoors. They were also impressed with the Cybook's RSS support, and the Mobipocket format used for e-books. On the downside, the page flip mechanism proved to be "cumbersome," and they found that the current firmware left a lot to be desired, with them even going so far as to say that it felt like it was "rushed to the market too soon." They were also somewhat disappointed by the lack of SDHC support, and a lack of wireless connectivity (be it 3G or WiFi). They also point out, however, that none of the e-book readers out there are perfect, so if you're in the market for one you'll just have to pick the trade-offs you're willing to live with.

South Carolina Archival Association Spring Workshop

The Dead Librarian: South Carolina Archival Association Spring Workshop
South Carolina Archival Association Spring Workshop

October 2008 will be designated South Carolina Archives Month and now is the time to start planning for this event. The South Carolina Archival Association (SCAA) will be hosting its' spring workshop on April 8th and the theme is planning for archive month. This workshop is always a great opportunity to network with the South Carolina's historical professionals. For more information on the spring conference follow the link I have included.

Librarians Help Celebrate National Library Week in South Carolina

During National Library Week 2008 on the days of April 14-16, South Carolina Library Staff members will take a wide range of photographs of librarians working, researching, teaching, and doing all that librarians do in a given day.

Library staff members from any type of library are encouraged to be creative in taking photos that capture the essence of South Carolina librarianship and are visually attractive. Winners will be recognized on the SC State Library’s web site and during the 2008 SCLA Annual Conference in the fall in Greenville, October 22-24.

Photos must be submitted via Flickr.com and tagged with NLWdayinSC2008. There is no need for library staff members to pre-register to participate in the project. To participate in the contest, simply join the Flickr group, NLW – Day in the Life of SC Libraries at http://www.flickr.com/groups/nlwdayinsc2008/.

For detailed contest rules, visit: http://www.flickr.com/groups/nlwdayinsc2008/rules/.