June 25, 2007

exhibit hall

exhibit hall
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This is just a tiny section of the ALA 2007 Exhibit Hall. HUGE!!!

Ignite your Library's Public Relations and Outreach Using Hot Technologies

What I learned:
  • Technology is only a tool
  • Book Discussion Blogs let people talk online for free
  • use a wiki for a subject guide
  • Web 2.0 is a state of mind, it's not a thing
  • Do Read posters for your community - use Community Leaders - you can get the CD from ALA store
  • We Love our NJ LIbraries video on YouTube
    • used patrons instead of librarians talking about the library
    • did a "three reasons" campaign on YouTube - and they did it outside the library
  • LibGuides
    • LibGuides is an online publishing system for sharing information andcreating social networks centered around the library resources.
  • WIIFN factor - think about marketing your services with this factor in mind. People will think "What's in it for ME" and we need to keep that in mind. 
  • Mashable
  • Taking Wiis out to Retirement Centers
  • LSTA Grant to Scotsdale Public Library for Technology Outreach program to take wireless satellite PCs to hospitals, coffee shops, etc.
  • Yale is using sakai as a course content management system

Session Description

Track: Administration & Leadership; Advocacy, Marketing, & Fundraising
Michael Stephens, faculty, Dominican University; Steven Bell, Director,Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services,Temple University Library; and Helen Blowers, Public ServicesTechnology Director for the Public Library of Charlotte &Mecklenburg County, will discuss ways to incorporate the latesttechnologies into library promotion. After speakers share theirexpertise participants will break out into groups for discussions leadby the speakers. Everyone should come away with sizzling ideas topromote services and collections.
Speakers: Michael Stephens, Instructor, Dominican University GSLIS& Blogger, Tame the Web; Helene Blowers, Public Services TechnologyDirector, Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, and Blogger, LibraryTechBytes; Steven Bell, Director, Paul J. Gutman Library, PhiladelphiaUniversity and Blogger-The Kept-Up Academic Librarian

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June 24, 2007

Innovative Public Library Services Around the Globe, Or, Learning from our Global Neighbors

What I learned: 
  • Norway has book boats!
  • Sweden has individual ergonomic workstations.
  • Interactive Information Center at Oslo Public Library
  • Dogs are allowed in in Public Libraries in Scandinavia
  • Sweden is already on 3rd Generation RFID and has automated check in and check out
  • Robotic book transfers have been being used for 20 years in Sweden
  • librarians stand on OUTSIDE of the reference desk - Roving Reference is the norm
  • almost all shelves along with other things are on wheels so everything can be moved around
  • look not only to other innovative US libraries but also look around the world to find out how they do it in other countries
  • check out the Biblioteca de Santiago, Chile:
    • they have vending stations in the subway
    • biblioboat - library on boats
    • bibliobike - library on bicycle
    • open air market lending points
    • there are no prohibition signs in the library!
    • "Everything is possible in the Library"
  • Check out http://lsit.coe.ecu.edu/white/ "Flatworld Libraries"
  • Singapore National Library uses RFID and color coding to sort and shelve books - it only takes 7 minutes to get the book back to the shelf in the right place.
  • Hong Kong uses over-the-head book return conveyer belt system
    • they largely use cash cards in place of actual cash, and library cards are usually optional and can be registered for online
    • within some HK libraries are bookstores so you have the option to buy books

Program description:  This program highlights innovative technology and programming from around the world including Chile, Scandinavia, Russia, and Singapore. Book sorting robots, innovation in the Santiago Public Library in Chile, and libraries in Scandinavia with over ten years of RFID experience will be featured including colorful images showing the innovations.Speakers: Donna Lauffer, Associate Director, Branch Services, Johnson County (Kans.) Library; Mollie Fein, Director, Essex Area Branch, Baltimore County Public Library; Jim Keller, Architect, VITETTA (Penn.); Kathleen Imhoff, Executive Director/CEO, Lexington (Ky.) Public Library; Carl Birkmeyer, Media Services Manager, Baltimore County Public Library; Gonzalo Oyarzun, Director, Biblioteca de Santiago, Chile

ALA | PLA at ALA Annual Conference

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Maqueta Institucional - Biblioteca Santiago 2

Learned about this in a session at ALA.

Learning for Library Staff: Make it Blended – Not on the Rocks!: Developing Blended Learning programs for Library Staff

Items discussed that were culled from audience: CE Requirements, Volunteer training, Training for non-traditional employees, and Techniques for training from the trainer/director perspective. 

Blended learning: blends various types of learning styles.  It lets learners test the e-learning waters.

visit WebJunction Blended Learning for more information

other resources: Ninth House

State Library of Iowa Continuing Education

Session Description: Are you running out of ideas for ways to keep your staff current, up-to-date, and informed when time and money are limited? If you’re experiencing shrinking budgets, information overload, complex technologies and fast-paced change, you’re not alone. Don’t be frustrated! Instead, meet your training challenge with excitement, a fresh perspective and a renewed purpose. From training tracks to tracking training, you’ll learn about a variety of training tools and resources which will energize your staff and create an environment where learning is fun and time is well-spent. Whether you have only 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes to teach a skill or learn something new, you’ll be able to use the ideas and resources from this session to put together an action plan to take back to your library.Led by: Laura Staley, Spanish Language Outreach Program Coordinator, WebJunction

ALA | Conferences

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Darwin Quote

Darwin Quote
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...speaks for itself.

The Hollywood Librarian - write up in the Washington Post

The Modern Librarian: A Role Worth Checking Out

Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, June 24, 2007; Page D01

Men in tuxes and women in gowns smartly walk the red carpet at the Washington Convention Center, to the "woo-hoo!" of adoring fans. A cameraman records the procession, photographers angle for close-ups. One carpet-walker, a woman in blue sequins, strikes a come-hither pose, and a security guard taps a female spectator on the shoulder.  "Are they famous?" he asks.  "No," she replies. "They're librarians."

- washingtonpost.com

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June 23, 2007

The Hollywood Librarian Trailer

Last night I attended the world premiere of this wonderful new documentary about librarians and the profession. It is AMAZING and a must see! FINALLY a documentary about us, what we do, how important it is, and why we need to be proactive!

Freedom to Read Foundation

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees all individuals the right to express their ideas without governmental interference, and to read and listen to the ideas of others. The Freedom to Read Foundation was established to promote and defend this right; to foster libraries and institutions wherein every individual’s First Amendment freedoms are fulfilled; and to support the right of libraries to include in their collections and make available any work which they may legally acquire.

ALA | Freedom to Read Foundation

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ILoveLibraries.org is a Web site designed for the people who use and love libraries. We want to keep you informed about everything libraries have to offer, as well as develop new ways to involve you in their continued health and vitality. Simply put, you love libraries, and we hope this Web site will keep it that way!

I Love Libraries - Welcome!

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Chapter Relations Session

This morning I attended a really good session for Chapter Leaders (i.e. state associations VP and Presidents).  During the membership portion I thought of some really good items for why you should join your state association and adapted these to SCLA.  I'll soon post these on our SCLA.org web site!

Why join YOUR South Carolina Library Association?

  • Advocate and Support Libraries/Advocate for Higher Salaries
    • Do you feel librarians are underpaid?  Do you want to have association members talk to congressional members at Library Legislative Day in Washington DC?  If you join SCLA, you’ll have a voice with SCLA executive board members and others who will advocate for higher library staff member salaries.
  • It’s an Honor and Duty
    • While this sounds like an outdated notion, it holds true.  It is an Honor and your Duty as a library staff member to join your state’s library association.  You’ll have wonderful opportunities to meet others in the profession in the state. You may learn something new from someone. You will make lasting connections to take you through your library career.
  • Partnerships/Collaboration Opportunities
    • Through networking opportunities, you may be able to find another library and library staff members who are working on similar projects, dealing with similar issues, and thinking about new services.  You may be able to partner with other libraries on these topics.   Just ask!
  • Continuing Education/Developing New Skill Sets
    • Sections, Committees, and Round Tables sponsor various and reasonably priced workshop opportunities throughout the year where you can develop new skills and learn what is going on in the profession.
  • Provide Leadership Opportunities
    • Do you think you’d be a good leader? Do you want the opportunity to help and lend your support to guiding the association in the direction you want to see it go?  Become a section leader, join a committee, and work with a round table.  There are many opportunities!
  • Resume/Curriculum Vita Credentials
    • Do you want to move ahead within the profession?  Do you want potential employers to see that you’ve been active with association work? Get involved to get ahead!
  • Awards and Recognition
    • The association provides recognition at the annual conference in many categories.  Nominate your colleagues and recognize their efforts!
  • Newsletter and Information
    • Keep up with what’s going on in the South Carolina library community. See who is doing what! Visit the ever-changing web site at www.scla.org to keep in touch with the latest news.  Chat with the web master!
  • Strength in Numbers
    • When issues and problems arise, your association can provide you with resources and connections.
  • Scholarships/Diversity
    • The association works hard to provide scholarship opportunities. Contribute your time and money to give future leaders the opportunities they may not otherwise have.
  • Annual Conference
    • The association hosts a multi-day annual conference which can provide you with many memorable experiences, both learning and fun.  These experiences will last you throughout and beyond your library career!  Join today!

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June 22, 2007

ALA Day 1

Well, I made it to the hotel! Now I have to find my way to the convention center via the shuttle where i'll meet my mentee from Australia.  I'll be posting photos later tonight after the viewing of the Librarian documentary :-)

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June 21, 2007

win a gameboy @ your library

win a gameboy @ your library
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Now this is a great incentive to read! :-) Can I sign up?

Summer Reading Field Trip

Summer Reading Field Trip
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What a great event for summer reading!

Library History

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Isn't this a great way to learn about a library? Here is an image of the Jennie Erwin Branch Library in South Carolina from 1907. Click on the image and see the discussion...

Williston Summer Splash

Williston Summer Splash
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This library sponsors a Summer Reading Splash! The fire station comes out and splashes all the kids. There's lots of water and fun! :-)

June 18, 2007

Your Library in Photos

Your Library in Photos
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Check out Beaufort County Public Library's new addition to their web site!

June 14, 2007

SC Libraries Flickr group

SC Libraries Flickr group
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If you have a Flickr account and have an interest in South Carolina Libraries, feel free to visit http://www.flickr.com/groups/sclibraries/ and join the group! There are already some great photos of libraries in SC and SC library events. So join and add your best photos!

John Edwards visits the Lee County Library

Very Cool! Click on the photo.

Freedom To Choose in the 2.0 world

Freedom To Choose
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If your Yahoo! ID is based in Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong or Korea you will only be able to view safe content based on your local Terms of Service so won’t be able to turn SafeSearch off. In other words that means, that german users can not access photos on flickr that are not flagged... only flowers and landscapes for germans.

YA iSpace Pages in our YA Area

This is a great idea that the St. Andrews branch library of the Charleston County Public LIbrary is doing. It looks like it is being marketed like an iPod. I'm sure the fact that a digital camera as a prize is very enticing to young adult readers. This is a great way to blend Library 1.0 with 2.0 - using some 2.0 tools to get YAs interested in summer reading. Very cool!

June 07, 2007

Endeca Project at NCSU library

Endeca Project at NCSU library
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Today I attended a great SCLA College & University Section workshop that included many Library 2.0 projects, one of which is the Endeca project for their OPAC at NCSU libraries. Click on the image to see the "big picture" and link to the project information. Imagine, making your OPAC searchable like Amazon.com or online shopping sites! Now, there's an idea!

June 06, 2007

Meebo in the Library

Meebo in the Library
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check it out! I think Lander may be the first academic library in SC to be using Meebo for IM Reference! WTG! www.lander.edu/library/jackson/

communication mind map

communication mind map
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Today, during our staff appreciation/staff development day, our speaker talked about various communication systems and styles. So, I decided to map it out during the session. This is an example of a mind map. To learn more about mind mapping, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_Mapping.

June 05, 2007

Free OPAL Session!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 beginning at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, 1:00 Central, noon Mountain, 11:00 a.m. Pacific, and 6:00 p.m. GMT: Family Reunions: Exploring Your Roots Family reunions reconnect people with their shared history – a history encompassing life’s milestones, travels, and the influence of regional, national, and global events. A family’s story comes to life with the addition of photographs, diaries, memorabilia, and maps describing the locations and events that shaped the lives of family members. Join Library of Congress staff and explore ways to use our digital resources to recreate your family’s personal history. Sponsor: Library of Congress. Location: OPAL Auditorium

Online Programming for All Libraries: Events and Programs

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June 04, 2007

Information Literacy Conference

Information Literacy Conference
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2nd Annual Information Literacy Conference
Information Literacy At Any Speed: Point of Service, One Shots, or Credit Courses
Thursday, June 14 from 8am – 3:30pm
Johnson and Wales University, Charlotte, NC

Featuring Joanna Burkhardt and Mary MacDonald, authors of the book “Creating a Comprehensive Information Literacy Plan: A how-to-do-it manual” and “Teaching Information Literacy: 35 Practical, Standards-Based Exercises for College Students”.

Breakout sessions to follow in the afternoon.

Check out the complete Program Schedule for the Conference.

Register Now for the Conference
Includes breakfast, lunch, and parking

* $20 for students
* $30 for members
* $40 for non-members

Do something just because it's Cool!

Lee County Library Staff in LJ!
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Here's an example of a small rural South Carolina public library getting national recognition for winning a photo contest because I decided to do something just because it's cool.

A couple of weeks prior to National Library Week, I thought it might be "cool" for the SC State Library to sponsor a NLW Day in the life of SC Libraries photo contest to promote all the great things about libraries.

I created a Flickr group with photo contest rules (http://www.flickr.com/groups/nlwdayinsc/), sent out some emails, blogged about it, and we got some amazing submissions. There were 50 images submitted and the group had 38 members. A small group of SC State Library staff judged the images and the announcement was made.

This was one of the winners that Library Journal picked up. Also, their local chamber of commerce recognized the library on their marquee! What great free PR!

Simply because I did something I thought would be "cool" resulted in a small rural public library (Lee County, Bishopville SC) getting local, state, and national recognition. The byproduct being promoting reading, libraries, and also, with this image, making light of the past stereotype of libraries and librarians to in a sense say that libraries have changed to meet the changing needs of patrons.

Library 2.0 has brought our profession a long way!

Do something just because it's cool!

June 02, 2007

Learning 2.1

Learning 2.1
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Helene Blowers at the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County has taken Learning 2.0 to the next stage. It's now 2.1! Check it out!

Future Librarian

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Hope for the future :-)

June 01, 2007

Germany Library Study Tour

Recently I was selected to participate in a study group visiting German government libraries this fall. I have just started a group blog for the 10 group members and our two hosts in Germany: Germany Parliamentary Library Study Tour 2007. Chris Zammarelli, libraryola blogger, has posted about it too! Check it out:

Germany study tour blog · Libraryola

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Charleston Flickr class

flickr class
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Yesterday marked the last class in the SC State Library's series of Tech Tracks training for public libraries. The Flickr session was wonderful! See the image with all the notes on it. What I found doing in the class was to have them all find the photo in the SC Libraries group then add notes to it. It's a trick that is a great learning tool. In fact, one of my Flickr contacts, a library trainer in NY said, "Thanks for the comment on the flickr class photo. That sure helps reinforce the idea of social networking to the class. Most of them will be back tomorrow for another class, so they'll see your note then. And thanks for the idea of having the class add notes to the 'class photo'. I did steal that idea from you! We'll be watching for your class photos tomorrow! Have fun in Charleston. Such a nice city." Polly (flickr:pollyalida).