June 01, 2007

Charleston Flickr class

flickr class
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Yesterday marked the last class in the SC State Library's series of Tech Tracks training for public libraries. The Flickr session was wonderful! See the image with all the notes on it. What I found doing in the class was to have them all find the photo in the SC Libraries group then add notes to it. It's a trick that is a great learning tool. In fact, one of my Flickr contacts, a library trainer in NY said, "Thanks for the comment on the flickr class photo. That sure helps reinforce the idea of social networking to the class. Most of them will be back tomorrow for another class, so they'll see your note then. And thanks for the idea of having the class add notes to the 'class photo'. I did steal that idea from you! We'll be watching for your class photos tomorrow! Have fun in Charleston. Such a nice city." Polly (flickr:pollyalida).

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