May 30, 2007

Sacramento Staffers Bewail Dumbing-Down of Collections

Staff members took their concerns over management practices to the Sacramento (Calif.) Public Library Authority Board May 24, speaking out against centralized purchasing of materials that they claim has led to a dumbing-down of collections.The board was presented with a petition containing 600 signatures from library workers, former librarians, and patrons protesting selection practices exemplified by the purchase of 30 DVDs of the film Jackass 2, the Sacramento Bee reported May 25.

So when a doctoral student who is researching for a dissertation on the sociological counterhegemonic effects of the "Jackass" series on 7th graders in California, comes to the library and the library doesn't own a copy, what does that say?

I have laughed till my side hurt watching Jackass on MTV! (Some of it is just my kind of humor!)  Who are we to judge what constitutes entertainment and how dumb something is?

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