October 27, 2006

10 Squared Club

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Today our Talking Book Services library hosted a celebration of the National Library Service's 10 Squared Club for patrons who are centenarians. Mrs. Louise Johnson, who is 105, was inducted into the club and is the library's oldest patron. The celebration was a great success thanks to Pamela Davenport, the library's director, and the Talking Book Services staff. For more information, visit the press release at http://tinyurl.com/uurbu.

October 25, 2006

Ms. Dewey

Ms. Dewey
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This is a very interesting search engine. Ms. Dewey takes your question and gives you an answer, with some attitude! You can check it out at www.msdewey.com.

October 20, 2006

Horry County Library Grand Opening

Horry County Library 134
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Yesterday I attended the grand opening of a beautiful new South Carolina public library. The Horry County Public Library main branch is a wonderful new facility with a teens area, great bank of 28 public access computers, and lots of bright colorful children's furniture! The new library features 20,000 square feet and has an 85-seat meeting room. The construction cost was $4.2 million. Their web site is http://www.horry.lib.sc.us/ and also check out this brief video of the County Council Chairperson's comments at the event. What a wonderful speaker! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4m0SRjDRek

October 17, 2006

Staff Development Day

Today we had a half-day of staff development program concentrating on Emergency Preparedness. Here is our agenda. We certainly learned a lot and it is very important for libraries to regularly educate their entire staff about the specifics of making sure that libraries are prepared for various kinds of emergencies. We have a new emergency preparedness manual and a task force that will review the document annually to make sure it stays up to date. Overall, it was a great opportunity for staff to ask questions as well as share strategies for dealing with various emergency situations.

October 16, 2006

FOSCL Annual Meeting

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This past Saturday, the Friends of SC Libraries association held its annual awards and business meeting at the Richland County Public Library. The guest speaker discussed volunteer operations "Better Planning Yields Better Services" and did a great job emphasizing the importance of planning not only in volunteer based organizations such as FOSCL but in all aspects of any type of non-profit organization. For more information you can visit the FOSCL web site at www.foscl.org.

October 13, 2006


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Interesting new web site that allows you to read books for free on your cell phone! What are the implications for libraries? Also, what's the font size??? I guess I'll have to give this a try to see how it all works... http://www.tshirtia.com/pc.php

October 06, 2006

tecnológico de monterrey

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It's so nice to see library technology instruction taking place in other countries! I just happened to come across this photo in Flickr by Janusman. There are many other photos of their library in his library set. Also, their main web site is at http://cmportal.itesm.mx/wps/portal and their digital library at http://biblioteca.itesm.mx/nav/.

October 05, 2006

Good customer service

good customer service
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Well, this morning I ordered breakfast and unfortunately there were no utensils, which one would need for yogurt and cereal! So I thought I'd mention it to the concierge at the Sheraton. Maureen couldn't have been nicer! She slipped this note under my door with a voucher for breakfast the next day to make it up to me. This is a wonderful example of excellent customer service! While it doesn't directly relate to libraries per se, it does remind me that library staff, not only those serving the public, but everyone in the library should strive to give excellent customer service! It makes life better! And remember, while you're at work, the library is renting your personality so be sure to be friendly, smile, and treat patrons as you would your best friend :-) The experience of receiving great customer service will make them want to come back and they'll also tell their friends what a great staff works at the library. This is free PR you can't just get anywhere.

October 04, 2006

SC State Library Display

scsl display and amy
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Today was the first day of the SC EdTech Conference in Myrtle Beach and so far it's been great! We've had a lot of people come by our exhibit and many people love our services like DISCUS www.scdiscus.org and Talking Book Services! It's great to be able to talk more to conference goers about what we do. For more information about the conference go to http://www.scaet.org/edtech/2006/.

October 03, 2006

Cataloging Web2.0

Cataloging Web2.0
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It is interesting from a librarian point of view that humans are making web searching more complicated by tagging activities in Flickr and YouTube and such... People think of their own tags for photos and videos but those tags may not necessarily be located by Google or other popular search engines. All the more reason to contact your local reference librarian to try and help you find what you're looking for. For the full article, go to http://www.techcrunch.com/2006/10/01/all-the-cool-kids-are-deep-tagging/