June 07, 2012

Nice Example

library signage by Michael Casey
library signage, a photo by Michael Casey on Flickr.

This is a nice example of a sign in a library about cell phone use. Libraries, take note!

The Power of Library PR!

I had a great time a few days ago presenting at the SC Library Association's College and University Section's workshop, The Library Instruction Toolkit: Effective Teaching, Active Learning.  Below is my presentation on Slideshare.  Attendees had lots of great comments and really added to the session. I was really impressed with one attendee who said she makes it a point to meet with her assigned department on her campus once a week!  The group exercise went very well and all four groups developed some really great ideas for future workshops.

June 05, 2012

2011 SLIS Hooding Ceremony (Extended cut)

I just came across this on the USC CMCIS YouTube channel.  At about 11:00 is where my speech begins. Enjoy!