June 24, 2007

Learning for Library Staff: Make it Blended – Not on the Rocks!: Developing Blended Learning programs for Library Staff

Items discussed that were culled from audience: CE Requirements, Volunteer training, Training for non-traditional employees, and Techniques for training from the trainer/director perspective. 

Blended learning: blends various types of learning styles.  It lets learners test the e-learning waters.

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other resources: Ninth House

State Library of Iowa Continuing Education

Session Description: Are you running out of ideas for ways to keep your staff current, up-to-date, and informed when time and money are limited? If you’re experiencing shrinking budgets, information overload, complex technologies and fast-paced change, you’re not alone. Don’t be frustrated! Instead, meet your training challenge with excitement, a fresh perspective and a renewed purpose. From training tracks to tracking training, you’ll learn about a variety of training tools and resources which will energize your staff and create an environment where learning is fun and time is well-spent. Whether you have only 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes to teach a skill or learn something new, you’ll be able to use the ideas and resources from this session to put together an action plan to take back to your library.Led by: Laura Staley, Spanish Language Outreach Program Coordinator, WebJunction

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