April 16, 2008

Kids can ‘Catch the Reading Bug’ with library’s summer program

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Kids can ‘Catch the Reading Bug’ with library’s summer program

Keith Gedamke / The Item
From left, Cheryl Cole, Laura Windham and Elizabeth Snyder-Powell prepare lunches at the Bishopville Fire Department in an event to raise money for the Lee County Public Library’s summer reading program.

This year’s theme is “Catch the Reading Bug.”

Item Staff Writer

BISHOPVILLE – Summer reading programs are standard fare at all public libraries. Lee County Public Library’s head librarian Dawn Ellen said summer programs were in place at the library when she began working there in 1983.

While the purpose of the programs has changed little through the years, the scope of activities and the incentives provided to children have changed a great deal.

“Summer programs encourage children to read all through the year,” Ellen said. “And we reward the children with special incentives to participate.”

Children who completed the 2007 summer program were treated with a trip to Columbia’s EdVenture museum. The community support organization Friends of the Library funded the trip. Read more at The Item - South Carolina.

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