June 28, 2006

Customer Service in the Library

I just heard some wonderful things to remember about customer service - these are from today's SIRSIDynix Institute:

·Everyone in the library is a client
·Don’t only smile and treat external customers nicely, but also treat internal customers nicely
·Use the golden rule: treat others, as you would like to be treated
·And the platinum rule, treat others they way they would like to be treated!
·Our goal should be to give such good customer service in our profession so that people think to come to us first
·We should reward employees who demonstrate good customer service
·We should call in to our telephone menus sometimes to make sure everything is still accurate to see what needs to be updated or changed
·Use a sign that reads, “Please Interrupt me, I’m here to help you.”
·Perception is reality - if someone at a public service desk is having a bad day, they’ll look like it and reflect poorly on the library
·If you can’t change the people, then you have to change the people. (great comment!)

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