February 05, 2008

iLibrarian » Early Success of LOC-Flickr Pilot

Early Success of LOC-Flickr Pilot

Less than two weeks ago we saw the Library of Congress partner with the photo-sharing website Flickr in a pilot project called The Commons to display some 3,100 historical photos, (Read our earlier coverage here). Within days of the project launch, the LOC received an overwhelming response. According to their blog, here’s a summary of what happened within the first two days: * 392,000 views on the photostream * 650,000 views of photos * Adding in set and collection page views, there were about 1.1 million total views on our account * All 3,100+ photos have been viewed * 420 of the photos have comments * 1,200 of the photos have been favorited

And just look at all of those tags!
iLibrarian » Early Success of LOC-Flickr Pilot

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