August 12, 2009

10 steps to getting started on social networking at your library

I was just reading through the recent Marketing Charts posting 8 in 10 Execs Fearful of SocNet Risks and noticed this chart. How interesting that 81% of respondents would say that they believe social media enhances relationships with customers/clients and builds the company's brand.

Why don't all libraries use social media? Not enough time to fit it in? (this is the most common excuse)...

What you have to do is FIGURE OUT WHAT IS NO LONGER WORKING AND STOP DOING IT! However, take baby steps - don't try to do too much at first...

Step 1. Try to get into a mindset of "Let go of the past and what no longer works - move forward"

Step 2. Take a deep breath

Step 3. Set up a generic email account to use to manage your social media applications using Gmail or Yahoo or similar service

Step 4. Go to and set up a fan page for your library. (If you're a newbie, read, "How to setup a Facebook Fan Page for your charity" - a great web article that will talk you through the process...

Step 5. Plan to post weekly updates to your fan page. Mark your calendar if you need to.

Step 6. Go to and set up an account.

Step 7. Send out a "tweet" 2-3 times a week. Make it meaningful like a new service you offer or announce an upcoming event.

Step 8. Watch a few YouTube videos on Twitter or Facebook or Social Networking to learn more... Common Craft has some good ones.

Step 9. Keep up - don't let these fall behind. And don't lose interest. Soon you'll forget what you stopped doing and wondered why it has taken you so long to jump on the Social Networking/Web 2.0 wagon.

Step 10. Share your ideas with colleagues and learn from one another.

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  1. thank you so much for providing a dimpliest way on how to get started in social media. it's really very helpful for me