March 16, 2011

Social Media presentation for Orangeburg

I had a great time presenting this at the Orangeburg County Library today! They came up with lots of great points about Social Media and their Library:
Also, here’s what came out of our social media brainstorming session:

• How to get more involved:
• Get some of the social media on our own webpage
• Get familiar with tools: YouTube, Facebook, twitter.
• Need to know what these devices are?
• Do research on new technology.

• How to make social media more effective:
• Learn and use it. What will we follow ourselves?
• Train employees and classes for patrons.
• Check out devices? iPads? Need to know how to use them. County wide participation.
• Acquire accounts on new accounts.
• Make it more accessible.
• Plan what is to be done.
• Promote the library via Facebook and twitter.

• What are your next steps:
• Plan for the library to have someone monitor our accounts.
• Get more equipment.
• Each department should have device. Be open minded!!!

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