August 02, 2007

Comment on: Can This 2.0 Stuff Help Libraries with Promotion?

One thing just really hit home with me while reading Stephen Abram's blog today:

What are the basic marketing building blocks? Simple, really – and classic: Place, Product, Price, Promotion, Public Relations, and Personal Selling. That’s the classic marketing mix. We have a great product. Our price is right on. We’re everywhere – indeed more places than Starbucks or McDonalds! We promote libraries using everything from Web sites to bookmarks. However, we fall down on the personal selling skills and strategies.
I really think that the profession of library and information science has to somehow start to attract more people who can actually do this! For so long, I think the profession has attracted many very smart, but shy and introverted types who are not good with their people skills.  We need to break out of this mold. If you are an "I" on the Myers-Briggs scale, maybe the new library world is not for you...

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  1. Read the entire article. Okay, I'm psyched - again. Good stuff.