May 30, 2008

Every Company (and Library) Should Use Social Media | Employee Evolution

Check out this article. Shouldn't libraries be included in this equation?

Every Company Should Use Social Media | Employee Evolution
Why Every Company Needs to Embrace Social Media
Published by Ryan Healy on May 29th, 2008 in Recruiting, Technology

Social media is changing everything. Business Week recently published an article about the power of social media and how companies are beginning to embrace it, because they really don’t have a choice. Not everyone has a blog, or wants to blog, but you would be hard pressed to find many people who aren’t on some type of social network. Now it’s time for corporate America to follow suit and meet their potential customers on their own turf, or risk falling behind the times.
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[Generation Y]

The article says, “It’s as if the walls around our companies are vanishing and old org charts are lying on their sides.”

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