November 07, 2008

Social Media and Older Users

Don't fall for the myth that only younger generations use social networking tools such as Facebook and Flickr.  Seniors are using these tools in growing numbers. Why isn't your library reaching out to current and potential users via social networks?  And now you're saying, "we don't have enough staff and don't have the time" - to that I say, "Reorganize your staff, stop doing the same old things that aren't working any more, look at your stats to see what has been on the decline the last five years and if it doesn't work, do something different!"

Libraries are all about information management.  Why are so many libraries having a difficult time embracing social networking?  It has to do with change.  If you don't handle change well, leave the profession and let someone who does, help move the profession forward.

AARP embraces social media

By Jane Irene Kelly

The nonprofit for 50-plus demographic redesigns site based on user feedback

AARP homepageDon’t expect the popularity of social networks and other Web 2.0 tools to decline as users age. Just ask AARP.

The nonprofit launched daily news site AARP Bulletin Today
and redesigned its Web site last spring (the site came out of beta
testing in September) to include Web 2.0 features to prepare for what
it expects will be an exponentially growing user base, Clark says
Nataki Clarke, director of online marketing.

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