June 16, 2009

South Carolina Library Association

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Have you joined or renewed your SCLA membership this year? It couldn't be easier because you can use PayPal! Visit www.scla.org and join or renew today!

Why should you join SCLA?

* Advocate and Support Libraries/Advocate for Higher Salaries - Do you feel librarians are underpaid? Do you want to have association members talk to congressional members at Library Legislative Day in Washington DC? If you join SCLA, you’ll have a voice with SCLA executive board members and others who will advocate for higher library staff member salaries, and much more.
* Partnerships/Collaboration Opportunities - Through networking opportunities, you may be able to find another library and library staff members who are working on similar projects, dealing with similar issues, and thinking about new services. You may be able to partner with other libraries on these topics. Just ask!
* Continuing Education/Developing New Skill Sets - Sections, Committees, and Round Tables sponsor various and reasonably priced workshop opportunities throughout the year where you can develop new skills and learn what is going on in the profession.
* Provide Leadership Opportunities - Do you think you’d be a good leader? Do you want the opportunity to help and lend your support to guiding the association in the direction you want to see it go? Become a section leader, join a committee, and work with a round table. There are many opportunities!
* Resume/Curriculum Vita Credentials - Do you want to move ahead within the profession? Do you want potential employers to see that you’ve been active with association work? Get involved to get ahead!
* Awards and Recognition - The association provides recognition at the annual conference in many categories. Nominate your colleagues and recognize their efforts!
* Newsletter and Information - Keep up with what’s going on in the South Carolina library community. See who is doing what! Visit the ever-changing web site at www.scla.org to keep in touch with the latest news. Chat with the web master!
* Strength in Numbers - When issues and problems arise, your association can provide you with resources and connections.
* Scholarships/Diversity - The association works hard to provide scholarship opportunities. Contribute your time and money to give future leaders the opportunities they may not otherwise have.
* Annual Conference - The association hosts a multi-day annual conference which can provide you with many memorable experiences, both learning and fun. These experiences will last you throughout and beyond your library career!
* It’s an Honor and Duty - While this sounds like an outdated notion, it holds true. It is an Honor and your Duty as a library staff member to join your state’s library association. You’ll have wonderful opportunities to meet others in the profession in the state. You may learn something new from someone. You will make lasting connections to take you through your library career. Join today!

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