August 18, 2011

Marion County Library Staff Education Day – August 18, 2011

I had a great time doing some training today at the Marion County Public Library! I went through my powerpoint presentation first then we had a technology petting zoo so staff could experience iPads, various e-readers, and flip cams.

We also did a group exercise that resulted in answers to three questions when it comes to using social media at the library.

How to get more involved:
  • Have two of Facebook, Twitter, Wiki, message board/suggestion box on web site. To have more communication with patrons
  • Have more in depth explanations of offerings on web site
  • Interact directly with patrons
  • Facebook: get patrons involved to ask question
  • Staff should be trained on how to use social media
How to make social media more effective:
  • Have to have social network first
  • Has to be updated regularly
  • Updated events on that page
  • Promote it to our patrons and keep it simple
What are your next steps?
  • Find people on staff who know how to use social media
  • Talk about it more and to work out the details
  • It is what you make of it and shows the library is keeping up to date
  • Have printed materials/directing to social media/word of mouth

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