August 25, 2011

SC Association of Countywide Elected Executives

Today I had a really fun time working with the great folks of the SCACEE!

I presented at their annual conference and training week in Charleston, SC. They all had lots of great comments, questions, and learned from one another. Here is my presentation and the results of our learning exercises.

Learning Exercise Results

SCACEE – August 25, 2011

Think about Social Media, the communities you serve, and your office workflow.

Groups answered three questions:

How to get more involved.

How to make social media more effective.

What are your next steps?


Encourage county council to add Facebook and YouTube

Encourage other divisions to make a FB page

Create FB page for department

Communicate better with constituents

Social Media helps PR

Utilize County TV channel – advertise FB/social media – make presentations

Talk to IT person and county council to get more involved

Use social media for discussing trends and crime issues

Promote community awareness programs

Provide general information about each department

Testing use of iPads in the field/Test new technology and see how it helps streamline workflow processes

Use county GIS department to plot delinquent taxes

Social Media helps with general PR

Useful tools and web sites

SCACEE – August 25, 2011

LexisNexis -

Richland County’s web site (child support information) for financial/budgeting information

SC Dept of Archives and History

Bank web sites

SC court administration

Five star SC Assn of Counties

SC Department of Revenue

Legislation online

Secretary of state’s web site

SCDMV web site

Google maps to zero in on an address

Funeral home web sites obits

Local newspapers

DNR – forms (block delinquent boat taxes)

County government web sites

ROCIC – crime info center

NCIC – crime info/stats

SC BAR web site

Westlaw for cases

Spillman criminal info

SC Tax Office for PI work

USPS zip code look up!input.action

Social Security index of deaths

State ethics web site (file ethics reports)

NAMUS missing/unidentified persons index

Sex offender registry

Voter registration

Webdeath – DHEC web site (death certificates)

CMS – court mgt system

ReachSC – escapees notification system

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