January 12, 2012

Today's Presentation for Library Public Service Managers

It's been a busy two day s of presenting!  Today I gave this presentation at the Public Library Public Services Managers Exchange and below is the result of  attendee group session work.

Social Media and the library front line…
Presentation link:
1.      What social media tools should your library use?
a.      Facebook
b.      Twitter
c.       Flickr
d.      Pinterest
e.      Ravelry
f.        Meetup
g.      Blogging
h.      Youtube
2.      How could your library use them better?
a.      Have a link on the homepage to social media
b.      Each dept add something regularly
c.       Solicit comments
d.      Informing the public – update more frequently
e.      Receiving feedback
f.        Use QR codes
g.      Look at the stats and see who is saying what
3.      What results have you seen?
a.      Not currently aware of this yet (forget to check)
b.      Public is upset when these tools are not available
c.       Take up a lot of bandwidth
d.      Increase in “likes”
e.      Increasing need for more content/sharing
f.        Low number of people liking us compared to number served – is it really reaching the number of people we think
4.      How can your library staff get more staff involved in using social media tools?
a.      Promoting it within the library
b.      Have an incentive (prize for staff member)
c.       Staff awareness – training
d.      Make it part of your day – check it – add it to ‘to do’ list
e.      Informing the staff – training

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