January 19, 2012

Workforce Development Boot Camp Presentation

I had a great time presenting today at the SC State Library's Workforce Development Boot Camp. Here is my presentation along with the group project and some photos of what the groups accomplished. Everyone did a great job! The biggest commonality was that no one had any $$$ for a marketing/PR budget for their proposed workshop. This is usually the case and just means you have to be as creative as possible!
Worksheet for Workshop Marketing Plan

 What community are you serving?
 • Identify your community stakeholders 
• Who can help you get the word out? 
• Who do you think will be interested in attending? 

 Who are your customers?
• Who are your regular customers? 
• Who are your non-users you are trying to reach? 

 Develop your workshop message/description but be brief and to the point.
• How can you really build interest in your workshop? 
• Think of innovative way, verbiage, catchy phrases that will make people want to register for your workshop. 

 Create an innovative workshop title that best describes your workshop.
• Be as brief as possible. 
• Use innovative and catchy words that will catch people’s attention. 

 What specific news/media/other outlets will you alert?

 How much $$$ will you spend and on what?

Photos from group project time:

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