July 25, 2006

Case Study #3 Herding Cats while Building Castles - A Case for Advocacy and Collaboration

This group used a brief video on herding cats to introduce the topic. Hooray! Visual representation of the issue!

They reviewed the collaborators of statelibrary. college medical program, school tech training site, area dev. district economic programs, science and technology telecommuting demo site, and the main county library. What are all of the financial, legal, and managerial issues involved?


Communication to date has been accurately stated
the State Librarian can direct construction funds to the project
It is a good idea for the area
It is a good idea for the partners

Needs to get to the point:

Gather the data
Clearly defined roles for the state library
Communication to all partners for permissions
strategies outlined


Planning process defined
Steering committee, focus groups
Clearly define whoe gets what
Clearly define who is in charge
Ongoing collaboration

Collaboration factors:

membership characteristics
process and structure


There was much discussion about the levels of participation of all partners. The project could in fact go forward but it may be that all the partners not participating in the end. There should have been more communication with the library staff from the get go. A key piece is what's the glue that holds all of this collaboration together? Book: The Answer to How is Yes, by Peter Block.

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