July 26, 2006

Case Study #5 - PINES/Evergreen

The problem: The State of GA has mandated that GA's public libraries should explore the creation of a statewide library card.

Georgia PINES.

They mentioned the problems with working with SIRSI and why they moved to an in-house system which is what PINES now uses. 60% of the GA libraries are involved in the program.

What is all boils down to is that the patrons do NOT care about county boundaries - they just want the materials. Librarians tend to be the only people who DO care about their OWN library system and for the most part, not wanting to collaborate and partner with other libraries. in my personal opinion, this is an antithetical thought process to the free and available materials/information philosophy of libraries. Why do libraries want to still maintain these kinds of boundaries which are not beneficial to their patrons? Librarians, GET OVER IT! Try to play well with others so patrons can get what they need as easily as possible... Search more about statewide library resource sharing on google...

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