July 26, 2006

Panel of State Librarians on Best practices/Survival Skills

Ok, it's day 4 after lunch of the COSLA State Library Leadership Institute:

Mary Chute, former state librarian from Deleware and current IMLS Deputy Director for Libraries, talked about the wonderful support from her colleagues in COSLA. She discussed the various lessons she has learned over the years in public and state library work.

Jim Nelson, KY State Librarian talked about Leadership and Communication and the importance of knowing the right people to learn from. He mentioned that if you don't like politics, then don't get in this business [of being a state librarian].

Gary Nichols, Maine State Librarian, talked about the advice he received over the 37 years he's been working in libraries. He reiterated that if you're shy about politics, then a state agency is not the place to be. He also talked about the importance of finding a mentor.

Peggy Rudd, TX State Librarian, talked about the challenge she had with trying to retain governor documents. She mentioned that she has already visited 300 TX public libraries and still has about 200+ to go to share her own message instead of letting someone else do it for her... It is best to share your own word than someone else. She also talked about the importance of confronting conflict.

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