July 27, 2007


I recently found out that staff members at the NM State Library do not have access to Flickr, YouTube, and other social softwares/web based technologies that Libraries are using in the 2.0 world to promote their services, offer IM/Chat reference services, and more.  This is a big mistake! If the state library can't access these tools then how are they supposed to do a good job of helping the libraries in the state? This makes no sense to me.  Get with the program NM!

Welcome to the New Mexico State Library

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  1. We don't currently have this problem in Nebraska but I am sure there are some other states with these same sites blocked, including Second Life. It seems to depend on how centralized the IT systems are in the state. We are lucky to be able to run most of our stuff out of our own agency but as the state continually tries to consolidate and centralize IT services blockages like this could surely be an outcome in the future and quite a hassle to resolve. We currently use a number of 2.0 technologies just to help show libraries what can be done in their own communities http://www.nlc.state.ne.us/service/index.html

  2. We don't currently have this problem in Nebraska but as state IT departments continue to centralize and consolidate I can see how this outcome could take effect almost anywhere. Then we would have to explain what we needed to another state agency and ask them kindly to allow us to continue doing our work. Something I hope doesn't happen. I am sure there are others with the same blocks, especially Second Life. We currently use a number of 2.0 tools to help show our libraries how they can use the technology in theie own communities http://www.nlc.state.ne.us/service/index.html

  3. Thanks for your comment and I'm glad to hear you don't have the same problem as NM. Also, glad to hear you are currently using a number of 2.0 technologies to help libraries in your state. WTG!