July 14, 2007

Presenataion at MASC Annual Conference

Yesterday, I gave a presentation on a panel about What is Web 2.0 to about 45 attendees who were from various municipal level governmental and other organizations.  I was amazed at how many people had not heard of Flickr, Blogger, and Meebo.  Many, however, had heard of YouTube.  There were many questions of the panel that had to do with copyright, searching blogs vs. searching for blogs, what is the difference in a web site and a blog, were some that stand out in my mind.  I hope that yesterday's session will get some people in SC interested in starting a municipal or official city/town blog.  Anyway, it was a great opportunity to talk about what libraries in SC are doing. I used the following examples: Spartanburg County using Meebo, Lee County using Blogger, and Pickens County using Flickr.  They all seemed to be very impressed!

Municipal Association of South Carolina Home Page

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