July 22, 2007

thank you note

thank you note
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Librarians and Information Professionals should find venues to go out and talk to people about the importance of Web 2.0 and Libraries 2.0. I was able to do a presentation at the recent Municipal Association of South Carolina's annual conference to show how libraries in SC are taking advantage of Web 2.0 technologies such as Flickr, Blogging, Youtube, and Meebo. People need to be made aware that libraries and librarians are keeping with with what is going on in the world of information. The library isn't just a place to come and check out books, but more and more a place where reference librarians are answering questions from patrons using Meebo and promoting summer reading programs using Flickr. So find out what is going on in your community and ask if you can make a presentation to proactively teach people about Web 2.0 and while you're there, tell them to come by the library and check out what's new!

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