October 21, 2008

Is your library using email marketing to reach your patrons and future users?

18-34 Year Old Responds to Email Marketing Over Social Network Marketing

Social networking is popular, but how to target consumers through
them is a mystery that has plagued marketers since social media's
inception. Now, a new study from ExactTarget is showing how tough it
can be.

The report showed that 18-34 year olds say they're more likely to
respond to marketing efforts via email or direct mail than they are
social networking campaigns.

Here are more key findings from the study:

  • 20 percent of Wired consumers have subscribed for marketing
    communications via SMS, more so than any other group, but they want to
    receive texts only for urgent customer service issues such as financial
    alerts or travel updates.
  • More than 50 percent of Young
    Homemakers use social networks and SMS during the day, but direct mail
    and e-mail are their two preferred marketing channels.
  • 81
    percent of Retired consumers have purchased online and 94 percent have
    been influenced by some form of direct marketing to make a purchase.
  • College
    Students are very spam-savvy and believe private communication channels
    such as SMS and social networks are off limits for marketers.
  • Teens
    use social networking more than any other group but are more likely to
    make a purchase from direct mail, followed by e-mail, SMS and social
    network sites.
  • Women are more likely than the men in the
    Established Professionals group to use new digital media channels such
    as IM, SMS and social networking to communicate with friends and
    family, but men and women alike shop online with 92 percent of the
    consumers in this group having made an online purchase.

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