October 27, 2008

Newspaper Websites

I hear many people mention they no longer subscribe to newspapers and that they just visit the web sites and get their news that way...  I haven't received the paper at home in years, but instead look to the web to get my local news information.  Should libraries be paying attention to this?  How can libraries help disseminate news information online?

Maybe libraries should set up local newspaper webpages that organize the local news now that there are so many choices out there.  Are any libraries doing this already?

Newspaper Website Audience Up 16% in Q3, Engagement at Record Levels

websites each month attracted, on average, more than 68.3 million
unique visitors (41.4% of all internet users), during the third quarter
of 2008 - a record number, and a 15.8% increase over the year-earlier
quarter, according to the Newspaper Association of America

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