June 13, 2008

7 tips for Green Marketing and Libraries

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Does your library want to jump onto the "green" wagon in the marketing arena? It's simple to do because libraries have always been green! Just think about it. Purchasing books, keeping them in one location, caring for them, and re-using them over and over and over. What could be more green than that?

Here are some green library marketing tips:

1. Market that your library is Green via your web site by creating a simple logo and let everyone know that reusing books is green.

2. Come up with a catchy phrase about your library being green such as: Reusing Books is Green! or Reusing Books is good for the Environment! Check out a Book and be Green!

3. Send out a press release telling your community that your library has always supported reusing materials and is now even being more green by _________________.

4. Make sure your photocopiers are set to print double-sided and encourage patrons to print on both sides to cut paper use in half.

5. Print your library brochures and other materials on recycled paper.

6. Prominently display recycle bins around the library and check with your local recycling center about pick up schedules. Get your library added to their routes.

7. Hold adult programming sessions about going green. You can find many resources and ideas for adult programming sessions at the Green Business Alliance and Treehugger.com.

All it takes is a little effort and time to make your library a little bit more green than it already is!

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