June 25, 2008

Library a popular place for children

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Thursday, June 19, 2008 1:21 PM CDT
Staff Writer

Talia and Laterrikha Fleming enjoy reading.

In fact, they like it so much they spent part of Tuesday afternoon outside the Union County Carnegie Library urging people to check out books and read them.

Talia, 10, and Laterrikha, 8, were at the library when they decided to make signs urging passing motorists to “Beep if you like to read.” The girls stood with their signs in front of the library at the corner of South and Mountain streets.

Talia and Laterrikha said they made the signs to remind people to read and encourage them to use the library. They said their favorite part of visiting the library is reading books; Laterrikha says she has five library books at home that she's reading while Talia says she has three. They said they love to come to the library and want others to enjoy it too.

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