June 04, 2008

The Library's web site shouldn't be a PUZZLE to Patrons

I just saw this wonderful posting on The Marketing Blog (see link below). It's a nice article posting about optimizing your web site. I truly think it is so important for library web sites to be the best they can possibly be! It's points like this that will help libraries build better web sites for users. Remember folks, we're the information professionals so our web sites should reflect that!

Attracting visitors to your website is only the
first step. Once there, you need to help your browsers find what
they're looking for and have an experience that will keep them coming
back for more. Keeping website visitors engaged is more important than

Engagement doesn’t end with an
individual browser reading content or clicking on an ad. Rather,
engagement is an ongoing process that results in loyal customers who
come back again and again, becoming more vested in your web site. So,
how can you make sure you’re engaging and keeping customers?

1. Reduce Clutter
2. Make Navigation Intuitive
3. Make The Initial Site Interaction Relevant
4. Ensure That Your Content Is Up-to-date
5. Start An Interaction With Your Users
6. Provide Plenty Of Support
7. Make Sharing Easy

In the posting, each of the above points is explained fully.

I've been to some library web sites that are so cluttered with links, it reminds me of the brochure stands - always overflowing and too many topics.

Remember to "clean up" your web site periodically! It helps users find what they really need. And remember, PUT YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS ON YOUR START PAGE! Many times, that's all that people are looking for...

The Marketing Blog | Internet Marketing Expert

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