June 06, 2008

Open the Door to Change - it's a 2.0 World

While there are some libraries that are blazing the trail with the integration of 2.0 technologies, some of the old stodgy libraries, you know the ones...with that musty smell when you walk in the door and filled with red circle slash signage telling you what not to do... need to just move forward and get a blog, use meebo, and post some images to flickr!
In case you haven't heard yet - the I.T. world is changing. The rise of social computing technologies, generally branded as "Web 2.0" and including things like wikis, blogs, social networking, RSS, and more are slowly making their way into the business world. This new movement is called Enterprise 2.0, and it's no small shift. They're even having a conference about it next week. But the change encompasses more than just the introduction of new, social software into the formerly stodgy business world - it also includes the movement of server software from in-house data centers to the cloud, the rise of a mobile workforce, the rebirth of thin client computing, a self-provisioning user base, and more. I.T. 2.0 - ReadWriteWeb

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