June 11, 2008

Microsoft Launches Beta Release of SearchTogether Plugin - Where are Libraries?

I wonder why reference librarians aren't included in the list of Microsoft's ideas for use. I could certainly see reference librarians using their experience in searching working in group searches... hmmm, wonder how we can get this idea through to Microsoft!?!

Microsoft Launches Beta Release of SearchTogether Plugin
Three months ago, Microsoft announced three projects they were working on to enhance the search experience. One of those projects, SearchTogether, has been launched into beta. SearchTogether is a free Internet Explorer plugin that allows groups to collaborate on search. The plugin displays a sidebar in the IE Browser and features:

* Group query histories
* Split searching
* Page-level rating and commenting
* Automatically-generated shared summaries
* Peek-and-follow browsing
* Integrated chat

Here are some ideas from Microsoft on how to use the plugin:

* Business colleagues can perform joint research and share information on projects.
* Students can likewise collaborate on group reports and assignments.
* Friends often work together to find entertainment opportunities or housing.
* Families can SearchTogether to jointly plan vacations or find medical information for a loved one

Microsoft Launches Beta Release of SearchTogether Plugin [SearchEngineWatch]

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